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Labor With Love

Kassidy Knaus, (DONA)

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About Me

Welcome! My name is Kassidy, and I'm a trained birth doula from Minneapolis, MN--recently relocated to Austin, TX. Supporting women has always been my mission, and assisting them through one of the most physically, mentally, and spiritually life-changing events has captured my heart. Pregnancy and delivery are not merely something that happens to your body, but they are processes in which we can actively grow, change, and create new life with care and intention.


You can do more than just get through this. You can be supported, and you can understand the choices available to you to make this the most incredible and encouraging experience possible--not only for you, but for your baby as well. It would be a privilege to hold your hand through this momentous journey.

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My Services

Your Needs Come First

Labor & Delivery Support

Trained to guide you from pregnancy through delivery, it's my mission to support you through every stage as your labor progresses and evolves.It's my job to not only know what to expect, but to support you in understanding your body as it changes and understanding your choices throughout pregnancy and labor.

Let me help you create the environment for a memorable and joyous labor that you will always look back on fondly and will give your baby the best start in this world possible.

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Lactation & Postpartum Care

Delivery is just the beginning when it comes to the journey ahead.I can help you bring baby home to the safe and happy space you both need as you bond and grow.

trained to get nursing started, I know what you both need to establish a regular feeding and sleeping schedule that provide mom and baby with much needed rest, so he can grow and you can heal.

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